2020 IWSCA National Specialty Older News

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PLEASE NOTE: Many of the news items below are based on the orignal specialty dates, prior to postponing it. We will have new dates for deadlines soon.
MARCH 6th: March 15th is the last day to place store orders if you'd like to get your merchandise delivered to you at the specialty or shipped before the specialty. Orders after March 15th will be shipped after the specialty. The store is here.

Crate covers are now available through the store, including a grey color that can be made in any size! And the tea towel designs have changed slightly and will now be high quality screen printed.
FEBRUARY 27th: The 2020 Specialty Premium, the Agility Premium and the WC/WCX Premium are now available!
FEBRUARY 27th: There will be a WC/WCX Training Day Monday, May 4th to get you ready for the WC/WCX the next day. The flyer is here.
FEBRUARY 12TH: The 2020 Specialty Catalog & catalog ad order form is now available for download. Deadline is Friday, March 27th. Form is available here.
JANUARY 31ST: The specialty store is now open! Click here to visit the store.
JANUARY 26TH: The specialty attendance and meals registration form is now available! All the details are here.
JANUARY 6TH: We have posted a revised crate cover order form, as some colors and sizes are sold out! Place your order soon to get the colors and sizes you desire. The order form is here.
JANUARY 17TH: We will be offering stuffed crab and sea turtle toys to all event participants at the specialty! If you'd like to donate, the donation form is here.
JANUARY 5TH: The premium for our February 28th agility fundraiser is now available. Entries close February 12th. There's also still time to enter our January 24th agility fundraiser trial, which closes January 10th.
DECEMBER 23RD: Congratulations to Karen Quinn for winning the hydraulic grooming table in our fundraising raffle!
NOVEMBER 26TH: Back by popular demand, we are offering two sizes of crate covers in various colors featuring the 2020 logo! The order form is here.
NOVEMBER 24th: The premium for our second agility fundraiser on January 24th is now available.
NOVEMBER 12TH: We have sold all 200 tickets for the Champagne hydraulic grooming table raffle. Thanks for your support!
NOVEMBER 12TH: The host hotel online portal is not working properly, please see the Lodging page for information on how to contact the hotel directly.
NOVEMBER 4TH: The host hotel room block is now open for reservations. Please go to the Lodging page for more information.


For more information, please contact us at iwsca2020@kezer.net. All images copyright (2019-2020) IWSCA unless otherwise specified.